The MiE networking tool

Mie networking tool Mie networking tool

If you decided to go old school for networking at an iGaming event and max on your outstanding personality to attract networking, you might need to revise your approach! Indeed, you will quickly notice the fact that everything goes pretty quickly during iGaming events, and you will have to be on your toes from beginning to end! It will be quite the challenge, but the MiE event did everything to make your life as easy as can be to network and remember it all once you are done! Therefore, we are here to give you a recap of what happened during the MiE conference from a pure networking point of view. We will start off by letting you know in what consisted the MiE networking tool, before going on to how to use it! We can guarantee you that you will be more aware of all your options once you go through our article! Forget about storing everything in your head of in your notebook, because nowadays everything will take place online or directly on your mobiles.

What was the MiE networking tool?

The networking tool put in place at the MiE was completely outstanding for the time being. Indeed, no need to carry your notebook and your pen or boost your energy and memory with Red bulls, because there is a finer and easier way to get to do the same. The organizing partners have put in place a mobile and online version of networking that could allow you to log into your profile and check yourself at the conference. Not that the application helped track your every move, but you could decided what could shown on your profile. Pretty outstanding we can all agree! However, the concept was in between an app and an online engine that would generate data about the events happening around you, the different brands in display, as well as your own schedule from the beginning until the end of the entire event itself. Now, let us tell you more about how the participants have used their networking tool during the MiE event!

How was the MiE networking tool used?

Like we said in the previous paragraph, everything took place online or directly on your mobile. You could have access to all of your interactions and pretty much everything that was going on around you through social media profiles or through your own email address. The participants used the tool in order to keep up with the events’ schedules, as well as the establishment of your own personal schedule. You also had access to a map that assisted you as a GPS to get to where you wished to go to. Updates from the various conferences would show on your app in order to keep you updated about all the activities happening around. You would also be able to friend people at the conference and communicate with them in real time. We have heard that the newest networking tools are known to be more efficient, than the MiE ones, but we leave you to be the judge of it all!