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Networking Networking

Networking is actually everywhere when it comes down to iGaming conventions! The act of going to a convention is in itself a sign of networking. Basically, you have been there! You will be accosted by a variety of people interested in your business, who also want you to get interested in their own businesses. It is a matter of acknowledgment that all parties have something to benefit from by interacting with one another. Now, how come the Monaco iGaming convention was different than the others in terms of networking? That is a very interesting question that we will attempt to answer in our first paragraph but also through an entire article that you will be able to access from this section of our website. We will also talk to you about the various ways the other conventions have put into place in order for you to be able to get as much from your networking at their own events. One you go through our list, you will be able to know exactly how to manage the networking part of those events and navigate your way towards a sweet salvation!

The MiE networking tool

The organizational aspect of the Monaco iGaming convention in terms of networking was absolutely off the charts! Did you know that they even put in place custom MiE networking tools for all the participants? Not only did they have access to it while at the convention but also afterwards, in order to connect with people they have met at the conference. It is pretty incredible, and the objective was to ensure that each and every interaction would be followed up by each part. It was phenomenal and social medias were the ultimate vehicle to portray the level of commitment of the organizing parties to make sure that iGaming actors would leave all connected. We are going to go in-depth in terms of the greatest networking tool available at the MiE for you in our detailed article that you will be able to access by clicking here! However, let us also let you know how it works during many other iGaming gathering every year to stay in touch with people that you have met during the conferences.

The different activities

If you ask anyone participating at iGaming conferences, they will all tell you that those are the instances when you have to bring in your A game in terms of networking. However, the organizing members want it to be natural, less awkward and go above and beyond to ensure that all of you will stay in touch with the iGaming actors that matter the most to you. Therefore, you will find a lot of parties, but also games and challenged happening throughout the conferences that are intended to bring the different actors together. Indeed, the ICE convention is known for its London Casino Club, the Sport-Betting Tour, the Racing Post Café and many more venues to bring the iGaming actors together in proximity.