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What will you gain from attending an iGaming conference? That is actually a great question! Indeed, nowadays, whenever people hear the word conferences they associate the adjective ‘boring’ to it. Does it simply involve sitting down and listening to some men in suits’ speeches? Well, in traditional conferences it might be the case, but absolutely not when it comes down to iGaming conferences. Very far from it! Conferences are ground breaking at iGaming conventions. This would be the only way that you will have to have a sneak peak at all the businesses that exist at the convention. You will also know more that the obstacles that the industry will encounter, as well as the multiplicity of new projects that are being launched on a daily basis. The conferences follow different themes and are full of extremely valuable information if you are looking to prosper in the iGaming business. We will talk about the conferences hosted during the Monaco iGaming summit, before giving you suggestions of iGaming conferences during different other incredibly important iGaming meetings throughout the year!

Monaco iGaming conference 2011

We have developed an entire section dedicated to the Monaco iGaming conference that took place in 2011! Evidently, we are not really going to spill the beans in this here paragraph, but this will be a small introduction to our article, in which you will find more information that will be relevant to the Monaco iGaming conference of 2011. The conferences that took place in 2011 had a singular focus point, which was a deep coverage of the French market as well as the general European and other international regions markets intrinsically linked to the online gaming. The second part of the conference was with regards to the sport-betting business in the region. Finally, the conferences came to an end with the extremely impressive Monaco iGaming Awards. We will tell you everything about those three events separately in our article that you will be able to access by clicking here! However, for more destinations for the iGaming conventions check out the paragraph below!

All the other must iGaming conferences

Although the Monaco iGaming conferences were widely followed in 2011, the iGaming business continued to flourish and other events popped up a little bit more everywhere. Indeed, the ICE convention in London is probably the most glamorous one without the shadow of a doubt. It lasts several days and the venue is always absolutely breathe-taking. The event is always packed with more and more iGaming actors as well as the biggest brands in the iGaming industry. However, if you cannot make it to London, you could go to Malta and attend the yearly iGaming convention. Not only will you be able to enjoy gorgeous weather, and island views, but you will also be able to meet some of the most influential European iGaming actors. The events present a first part with interactive conferences, and a set of stands dedicated to each and every iGaming actor that does business on the island.