Monaco iGaming conference 2011

Monaco Monaco

Monaco iGaming conference, it is true that when you hear you already think that it is a sensational event not to be missed. Well, there is no point of arguing because it is totally the case! Indeed, the Monaco iGaming conference of 2011 put the French market on the map on the iGaming realm. We are here to make some reminisce about it all, while others will have a fear of missing out on another prestigious event. The iGaming convention was divided into three different parts. The first one was purely dedicated the French and the European iGaming market, while the second one was focused on the sport-betting industry. The event closed with the Monaco iGaming Awards that saluted the hard work of the best online casinos’ software providers, as well as the best sport-betting platforms within the European market. If you are wondering what happened during those events, we are here to let you know in details what you have missed!

The French and European market conferences

The economic conference was the main event during the Monaco iGaming convention of 2011. The program included a very in-depth insight into the French market but also featured discussions between the most prominent European and international actors on the iGaming scene. The conference was labeled “The Future of Land-based Gambling: Casino, Video Lotteries and Bingo”. The event gathered 28 of the best industry suppliers as well as operators in the region. The land-based casino as well as the online casinos trade market has been scrutinized in-depth to bring a clear understanding of the many challenges and improvements that the industry shall face. The participation to the conference was quite outstanding with 38 panelists, 221 companies and 395 representatives from over 24 different countries. In terms of coverage, the event received over 400 articles generated by 250 journalists in total.

The sport-betting conferences

The sport-betting panels generated the most interest due to the fact that it is legal in all of the European market and countries participating at the event. The conference was called “SPORTELMonaco”, and welcomed over 2 000 participants coming from 68 different countries and representing over 900 sport-betting companies. Various sports television rights trades were shown as well as annual reports during a specific event: “Grimaldi Forum”. The interest lied with online gaming sponsorships’ market as well as the elaboration of compatible events in relation to the sport-betting industry. The sport-betting conference was a 2 in 1 to give a voice to all of the sport-betting contributors.

The Monaco iGaming Awards

Last but definitely not least, the part of the convention that everyone was waiting for was ultimately the Monaco iGaming Awards ceremony. Indeed, the event took place in the evening, and congratulated the most impressive actors in the various product sectors. The best online casino games were celebrated, along with the best online casinos, the best sport-betting platforms, as well as the best software providers, affiliates and sponsors. Inevitably, after the rush of celebrations, new comers were also in the spotlight with multiple recognitions of growing actors within the iGaming industry. A party followed the Monaco iGaming Awards to cloture the entire event in style! The evening boasted a vast selection of gaming geeks, none other than our friends at, go check them out.

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